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Orange County teachers to receive historic raises next week

Teachers In Orange County Schools will receive a 9% salary increase on April 10.
Danielle Prieur
Teachers in Orange County Schools will receive a 9% salary increase on April 10.

The Orange County teachers union has overwhelmingly voted to approve a new contract with 99.5% of members approving the measure.

The new contract features historic 9% salary raises, along with other perks like the ability to work from home in some cases.

Union president Clinton McCracken said teachers will receive their raises starting April 10.

“So the salary increases will show up next week, April 10th in their paychecks, and that will include their percentage raises, and also the retro-pay from the past year," said McCracken.

McCracken said teachers also have other benefits to look forward to like, “an option to work from home on non-student contact days. But then the biggest thing this year in addition to the raises, the biggest thing that we were fighting hard against was the massive increase to the insurance costs.”

The union and district decided to postpone these health insurance premium increases for another year, after negotiating through an impasse.

In a statement, Orange County Superintendent Maria Vazquez said, “with this vote, our hard-working teachers have guaranteed their well-deserved raises.”

Read the full contract here:

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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