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Brevard Sheriff wants to amp up security measures at schools

Sheriff Wayne Ivey addresses the press at a school security conference.
Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Wayne Ivey addresses the press at a school security conference.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey says school officials and deputies will meet next week to draft a new district-wide security plan.

Ivey says that plan will create two pathways of dealing with disciplinary problems in Brevard Public Schools’ classrooms and on buses in the district.

Most concerns that are non-criminal will still be handled in school by teachers and administrators, but any criminal activity including physical assaults and violent attacks on teachers and bus drivers will be handled by his office.

“We want our schools to be safe. We want our teachers to have the opportunity to teach," said Ivey. "If you’re a teacher that loves teaching, and you want a classroom that you feel safe in that you have the perfect teaching environment, your prayers are being answered starting today.” 

The move comes days after the BPS school board voted to oust the district’s superintendent.

Ivey says he’s taking this action as teachers are leaving the district because of the disciplinary problems.

“If you’re a student that’s coming to our schools and you want the opportunity to learn, to play sports, to do music whatever it is that you want to do in our school environment, your prayers have been answered today. And if you’re a little snot, that’s coming to our classes to be disruptive you might want to find someplace else to go to school. Because we’re going to be your worst nightmare starting right now.”

In a statement, the school spokesperson says, “BPS has a discipline policy staff follow as needed. Any changes to policy would be decided by our school board.”

Watch the full press conference here.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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