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Blood banks struggle to meet the demand in Central Florida

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

There’s a critical need again for Central Floridians to donate blood. 

The last three years there’s been a shortage of blood in Florida and across the country due to the pandemic. 

Susan Forbes of OneBlood says the summer break will only worsen the need as people are traveling and not thinking about giving blood. 

She says that’s why the blood bank is calling on people who are able to give blood especially if they have an O positive or negative blood type or can donate platelets. 

“The need for blood never stops. The patients in the hospitals could be cancer patients, premature babies, sickle cell patients, trauma patients, the list goes on and on of the amount of people who require blood transfusions to live. There is no substitute for blood."

Forbes says people can start giving blood as young as 16 with a parent or guardian’s permission.

“As quickly as you donate within two to three days, your donation is in most cases on the way to help a patient. So that’s how fast it happens. The turnover is quick. So you donate, it’s going to be processed and tested tonight and within two to three days it’s going to be on the way to help a patient. So you can see why that constant need is there.”

Anyone interested in giving blood should weigh at least 110 pounds. Find your nearest blood drive or donation center, by clicking on the link.



Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.