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UCF partners with Amazon to provide free college tuition to full-, part-time workers with the company

File photo of fans cheering on the Knights in UCF's Bounce House stadium. Photo: UCF / Nick Leyva
File photo of fans cheering on the Knights in UCF's Bounce House stadium. Photo: UCF / Nick Leyva

The University of Central Florida has partnered with Amazon to provide free tuition to hourly, full- or part-time workers with the company.

UCF was one of nine Florida universities and colleges that has partnered up with Amazon to provide free tuition through its Career Choice program. 

All hourly, full- and part-time workers pursuing a bachelor’s, certification, English language proficiency, or high school completion program are eligible to apply. 

Dean of the College of Undergraduate Studies Theodorea Regina Berry says the program is just another way the university can support its working students and help foster economic growth. 

“And for many of the students who work for Amazon who might be first in their family to go to college, this would in fact have the opportunity to increase the social mobility of those students. And so we’re extremely excited about our ability to continue to provide that opportunity to those students.”

Berry says it’s a win-win for both UCF and Amazon. 

“And professionally, I’m sure that is a benefit for Amazon and academically it certainly is a benefit to those prospective students. UCF intends to continue to collaborate with corporate and civic partners to prepare students to become workforce innovators, to become future leaders and to continue to be contributors to the community.”

UCF has also partnered with Fortune 1000 companies like Chipotle, Target and Taco Bell along with the Disney Aspire program to provide tuition assistance to working students.

Around 82 percent of students at UCF work at least part-time while completing studies.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.