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Orange County CTA president to Board of Education: Let districts keep mask mandates in place without penalties

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The Florida Board of Education will meet on Thursday to determine whether to withhold funding from eleven districts including Orange County that passed face mask mandates. 

Commissioner Richard Corcoran has recommended withholding funds including school board member salaries in districts like Orange County that have face mask mandates.

Orange County Classroom Teachers Association President Wendy Doromal says if the board approves the penalty, they’re helping push Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and Corcoran’s political agenda, not protecting kids. 

“When you do something that risks people’s health and lives. It’s just ridiculous. I think what’s going to happen is if they say that they are going to withhold money then we’re going to see the federal government keep its word and supplement the funds that are withheld.”

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Doromal says the positivity rate at schools in the district is still high.

Plus, she says with no virtual option for schools, masks are the only safe option in crowded classrooms where COVID is very much still present. 

“Look at the positivity rate. It’s still way over five percent and we know the CDC and medical experts are recommending that masks be mandated universally until the positivity rate goes under five percent.”

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Doromal says many teachers and students have reported that they have contracted the virus in schools this year.

She says masks will guarantee that schools can remain open especially during the winter holidays when people visit with family and friends.

You can watch the full meeting here.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.