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Wildwood man among 16 charged in Unforgiven federal racketeering case

Photo courtesy of StockMonkeys.com
Photo courtesy of StockMonkeys.com

A Wildwood man and 15 others are charged with violent crimes in a federal racketeering indictment against members of the Florida white supremacist prison gang Unforgiven.

Forty-two-year-old Joshua Hall, aka “K9,” is charged with kidnapping and assault.

The federal indictment was filed under seal in Tampa on July 1.

It describes a gang that aims to propagate its so-called "Aryan Philosophy;" resist the "victimization of Whites" in Florida prisons; and expand its power through indoctrination, business, politics, threats and violence.

Prosecutors say its political branch was named "Route 21" to hide its racist roots. 

Unforgiven has engaged in murder, drug-dealing, kidnapping and robbery, the indictment says. Members take an oath to their own constitution, punishing so-called "traitors" severely.

Prosecutors say the gang tried using corrupt officers and state workers to get information and smuggle stuff into prison.

One of the 16 charged, 35-year-old David Howell of Loxahatchee is accused of assaulting protestors with a weapon in June 2020 during a Peace Walk for Black Lives.

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