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Intersection: Cuban Protests; Unrest In Haiti; Dispelling Shark Myths & Misconceptions


Demonstrators showing solidarity with Cuban protesters took to the streets in Orlando this week. On Tuesday night they blocked Semoran Boulevard for about an hour until police told them to move off the roadway. One person was arrested. 

On this episode of Intersection we talk to Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón about how his department is handling the protests and whether demonstrations in Orlando and elsewhere across the state are a test case for Governor DeSantis’ controversial so-called anti-riot law. We also hear from business leader Angel de la Portilla about what the protests mean for the Cuban community here, and for him personally and his goal of one day visiting a free Cuba. 

Ater the assassination of the Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, we check in with a Winter Park church that's been working with community leaders in Haiti to support agriculture and infrastructure projects. 

John Rife and Ken Firling spearhead the St. Margaret Mary mission in Haiti. They join the show along with Jean Bony and Wisly Zephyr to discuss the impact of the crisis on their partners in Haiti. 

And we listen back to a conversation with Florida Institute of Technology marine biologist, Dr. Toby Daley-Engel about sharks, dispelling myths and misconceptions about the apex predators of the oceans.