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State Attorney Jack Campbell Says Pandemic Caused Overload Of Cases

Photo: Mateus Campos Felipe
Photo: Mateus Campos Felipe

Earlier this month the Florida Supreme Court lifted requirements to wear masks and distance from others while in courtrooms during proceedings.

This allows the Second Judicial Circuit in Leon County to resume its cases. State Attorney Jack Campbell says the restrictions limited most trials. Now officials are trying to work through a backlog of cases.
"Right now our criminal courts are roughly probably twice the normal caseloads we’re used to holding. And the criminal justice system is such a massive operation that it takes a while to stop it and it’s going to take a little while to get it moving again." Campbell says that cases also don’t improve with age. He says now contacting witnesses, victims and others involved could be more difficult. However, when it comes to seating a jury he doesn’t think he will have too much of an issue. He says he can understand that health concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic might make people reluctant to participate. But he says for many people those concerns are beginning to fade.