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Florida Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday To Save Millions

Photo: Calle Macarone
Photo: Calle Macarone

Florida emergency responders are hoping to extend a two-year streak of avoiding storms this hurricane season. The last to make landfall was Hurricane Michael in 2018.

This week marks the start of hurricane season and related supplies are tax free through Sunday. Florida Retail Federation spokesperson Amanda Beavis says Floridians can look forward to big savings.
"During 2020 the disaster preparedness holiday, which was just seven days, was estimated to save Floridians 5.6 million dollars in taxes on hurricane supplies. This year the tax-free holiday is even longer now to June 6. Floridians can stock up. So we expect there’s going to be even more savings while they're out at their shopping and prepping for hurricane season." Items that are tax free include batteries, tarps that are 100 dollars or less, portable chargers that are under 60 dollars and more. To find a list of all the items, visit floridarevenue.com.