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Legislature Approves Limits On Developer Fees

Photo courtesy Everglades National Park
Photo courtesy Everglades National Park

Legislation was headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk Monday that will limit the ability of local governments to raise fees on developers to pay for new schools and other infrastructure. 

It was one of a suite of bills advancing in the Legislature that critics say will weaken local control over development. 

The Senate approved the bill that will limit the impact fees developers pay to help local governments shoulder the cost of roads and other infrastructure associated with new growth.

Jane West of 1000 Friends of Florida says other bills advancing in the Legislature would affect local governments’ land use planning and rules aimed at protecting local character. 

“It’s special interest-driven, and it really does take away the voice of your average citizen because they no longer have that direct access. Very few citizens have the ability, the interest, the time, the resources to go all the way to Tallahassee to voice their concerns.” 

Lawmakers also were considering a bill that would roll back a controversial plan for new toll roads that many feared would trigger growth in rural areas. The session ends this week. 

Amy Green covered the environment for WMFE until 2023. Her work included the 2020 podcast DRAINED.