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Your Wednesday Coronavirus Update: Florida Reports 5,571 New Coronavirus Cases, 83 Additional Deaths

Photo: Fran Jacquier
Photo: Fran Jacquier

&nbsp;&nbsp;Florida reported 4,237 new coronavirus cases today for a total of 2,173,138 cases.According to data collected by Johns Hopkins and analyzed by NPR, the average daily caseload this week is 6,381 cases.&nbsp;That’s a 5 percent increase from last week, and an 18 percent increase from two weeks ago.&nbsp;<br>

Florida reported 5,571 new coronavirus cases today for a total of 2,184,354 cases. 

According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University and analyzed by NPR, the daily caseload this week is 6,267 cases. That’s the same daily average as a week ago and a 14 percent increase in the average daily caseload from two weeks ago. 

The state also reported 83 new COVID-related deaths today bringing the death toll to 34,616 people.

More than 88,750 people have been hospitalized in the state. 

Some 8,228,278 vaccines have been distributed to residents so far. 

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