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From the Pages of Orlando Weekly: The American Jobs Plan

Image: Railway worker, orlandoweekly.com
Image: Railway worker, orlandoweekly.com

One of the longest-running jokes of the Trump Administration was Infrastructure Week.

An Infrastructure Week that never arrived was used as a way to distract from some blunder or scandal so many times it eventually became a slang term for an inability to stay on task.

So you’d think focusing on America’s infrastructure was an important part of the Republican agenda. But now that President Biden has unveiled the American Jobs Plan, suddenly they’re lukewarm on refurbishing the nation’s highways, bridges, electrical and water systems.

Maybe the difference is that the American Jobs Plan is actual policy-making, with a plan for how to pay for its imperatives — whereas the oft-announced “Infrastructure Week” of 2017, 2018 and 2019 was nothing more than verbal misdirection.

Fixing these things isn’t free. Biden’s renewal plan will be paid for by raising taxes on corporations. In Republican-controlled Florida, where 99 out of 100 corporations don’t pay any taxes at all, that’s not popular.

Yet when the plan’s proposed actions are presented without a party label attached, roughly 72% of Americans approve. Political party leaders need to stop looking at government as a game with two sides, because while they waste time scoring points, Americans lose.

Bill joined WMFE in September 2008. He started his radio career at WFCS at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain Connecticut where he hosted a weekly comedy/variety show and gospel and blues programs. Bill then spent 10 years at WNPR in Hartford, Connecticut, where he worked in radio operations and hosted the evening classical music. During this time he also spent two years working overnights and weekends at WTIC 1080 News in Hartford were he anchored the local newscasts, filed stories for CBS radio and prepared news stories for the morning drive.

Bill lives in Deltona and enjoys travel, motorcycling, restaurants and live music.