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Bill To Determine Sports Eligibility For Transgender Women Heads To Florida House Floor

Photo: Braden Collum
Photo: Braden Collum

A pair of bills that would block transgender women from participating in women or girls sports at their schools is moving steadily through the legislature.

Sebring Republican Representative Kaylee Tuck is sponsoring the measure in her chamber. She argues transgender women pose an unfair physical advantage in athletic competitions.
“In Connecticut, two biological males who identify as female won 15 high school track and field championships between 2017 and 2019. In 2016, nine different biological females held those same state titles.” The NCAA and the Florida High School Athletic Association already have protocols that address a transgender athlete's eligibility. They put rules in place for transgender athletes, but don’t block their participation. LGBTQ advocates strongly oppose the proposed legislative changes saying the bills unfairly discriminate against transgender women and bar them from their right to play sports. The House bill is awaiting floor consideration. The Senate version has one committee stop left to go.