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Intersection: Performing Arts And The Pandemic


As vaccinations pick up, performing arts venues in Central Florida are reopening- cautiously- reviving a key part of the economic engine.

On this episode of Intersection we discuss how many artists and performers who abruptly lost their jobs are still looking for new ways to earn a living and keep their communities together. 

WMFE’s Joe Byrnes has been looking into how federal relief is being used to shore up the arts and he joins us to talk about how CARES Act money, PPP funds and philanthropy are helping keep some venues afloat in North Central Florida. 

When theme parks shuttered last year, thousands of performers and others working in arts industry lost their jobs. We’ll hear from Steve MacKinnon from St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and performer Cami Miller, about a food distribution event that’s also keeping the arts community connected. 

And drag queen April Fresh joins us to discuss her year of online shows- and what the loss of Parliament House- the iconic venue that was demolished in January- means for the community.