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Storms Possible Today in Central Florida After Tornadoes Move Through Texas, Alabama

Photo: Florida Storms
Photo: Florida Storms

A strong storm system responsible for about two dozen tornado reports and 75 wind damage reports from Texas to Alabama last night is expected to move through the Sunshine State today and tonight.

Meteorologist Ray Hawthorne of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network says the storms should not be as strong here as they were to our north, but that damaging weather is still possible today.

"I expect the cold front to trigger thunderstorms as the day wears on because of the warm and unstable air, but the greatest wind energy high in the atmosphere will be over the Carolinas. Reports of damaging gusts and even an isolated tornado are most certainly still on the table as the weather rolls through."

Ray says the greatest potential for strong storms, if they occur here, are between 5 and 10 PM. Monitor for weather warnings in case they are issued for your area.