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World Cafe: Why Laura Jane Grace Ditched Screens To Make 'Stay Alive'

Photo: Laura Jane Grace
Photo: Laura Jane Grace

Odds are, over the past year, you've spent more time than usual looking at a screen.

Maybe you've been working remotely, or seeing friends and family through video chat. And maybe you can't wait to get back to doing more things in real life. When her band Against Me!had to cut its tour short and head home due to the pandemic, Laura Jane Grace found herself feeling the same way – and that desire to get off the computer, to get away from screens and do something real resulted in a new album, recorded as live as possible.

In this session, Grace joins me to talk about how she made her new album, Stay Alive and why Steve Albini was the person she decided to make it with, at his studio near where she lives in Chicago.

Set List

  • "Why Kant I Be You?"
  • "Shelter in Place"
  • "Ice Cream Song"
  • "Return to Oz"

Episode Playlist

World Cafe: 2/4/21