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State Rep. Anna Eskamani Says Florida Needs To Do More To Help The 'Precariously Housed'

State Rep. Anna Eskamani. Photo: Isaac Babcock, WMFE
State Rep. Anna Eskamani. Photo: Isaac Babcock, WMFE

Governor Ron DeSantis’s moratorium on evictions and foreclosures expired Wednesday night. The governor’s office said it was to avoid confusion over whether the state order- or the CDC’s nationwide eviction moratorium should apply. So where does that leave renters? 

State Rep. Anna Eskamani, an Orlando Democrat who represents Florida’s House District 47, has been fielding calls from tenants throughout the pandemic who are seeking help with rent or trying to avoid eviction. 

Eskamani says sometimes she’ll reach for the credit card to help a constituent pay the rent or get them into emergency accommodation, but she says the state of Florida needs to do a better job caring for the precariously housed. 

She joined Intersection to talk about the politics of the housing crisis, and solutions, as the pandemic continues.