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The Pandemic And The Legal System

Orlando attorney Conti Moore. Image: screenshot via Zoom.
Orlando attorney Conti Moore. Image: screenshot via Zoom.

The pandemic has changed the way we do business- but what effect has it had on the legal system? What are the limits of online platforms like zoom when it comes to holding trials and other legal proceedings? How do you hold a jury trial in the era of physical distancing and amid the fear of spreading coronavirus? And what do people who have to pay child support or have other court ordered financial obligations do if they’ve lost their jobs? 

Like everyone else, lawyers and judges are figuring out how to operate in this new normal and planning for an uncertain future. 

Orlando attorney Conti Moore, managing partner of Conti Moore Law, joins Intersection to discuss the changes that the 9th Judicial Circuit has made to keep working through the pandemic, and the impact of the last couple months on the way she practices law.