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WMFE's Director of Content Documents What it's Like to Get a Coronavirus Test at a Drive-Thru Site in Orange County

Photo: Steve Yasko
Photo: Steve Yasko

More than 445,000 people have now been tested for coronavirus statewide.

Among them, WMFE’s director of content, Steve Yasko. 

He documented the process of getting a free test from the Orange County Health Department, from signing in to waiting in line for a nose swab at a drive-thru test site at Camping World Stadium. 

Here is an excerpt from his audio postcard.

"It took three or four attempts, but I finally made an appointment for Wednesday morning at 8:40.

So, now I've arrived at Camping World Stadium. And there's maybe about fourteen, fifteen cars ahead of me. It's very well organized.

I pull up to the first tent and I'm greeted by a woman with a face shield and she begins to explain to me the process and I give her my license for identification.

And she has the Plexiglas mask on and everyone's rather pleasant.

'Then I just need you to print your name at the top, and sign your name there. That just gives us permission to do the test on you today', she said."
If you'd like to listen to the rest of the audio postcard, click on the clip above.