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UCF Graduation Goes Virtual Due To COVID-19 Crowd Restrictions

Will virtual graduation ceremonies be the norm this year due to Covid-19-related school closures?

Graduation is a milestone in a student’s life. It’s a time for graduates to reflect on their hard work and be recognized for their achievements. But this semester’s graduation ceremony isn’t going to look the same, due to COVID-19.

In compliance with the  State University System of Florida’s directions, the University of Central Florida is rescheduling all spring 2020 graduation ceremonies.

UCF said on its website that it will host a virtual commencement. This means students will have to reevaluate their plans for celebrating graduation.

Many students have taken to social media to express their disappointment.

UCF senior and mathematics major Jay Nulph said an online ceremony would feel cheap.

“I’m quite upset,” he said. “I was actually really excited to finally celebrate finishing too many years of work.”

But not all students are upset. Senior health sciences major Aysha Khan said graduation is important to her and her family because she is a first generation student. She was looking forward to having a big celebration with her family, but she said there’s no point in being upset.

“I’m not angry. I mean, yeah, I’m kind of sad, but I understand why they’re doing it,” Khan said.

UCF said they are considering ways to recognize spring graduates at a special rescheduled ceremony later this year.