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Fight Against Single Use Plastics; Debate Over Driver License Suspension Fees

Greenpeace's Trash Monster at PublixLydia Bell / Greenpeace
Greenpeace's Trash Monster at PublixLydia Bell / Greenpeace

On Friday's Roundup, we looked at the use of single-use plastics in Florida and the friction between state and local governments over banning single-use items. Also, we covered Floridians who have had their driver’s license suspended due to fines and fees.

Joining us to discuss the fight against single use plastics were:

Greenpeace USA Senior Plastics Campaigner David Pinsky
1,000 Friends of Florida Policy/Planning Director Jane West 

POLITICO Florida Environment and Energy Reporter Bruce Ritchie

Florida Sees High Rate Of Driver Licence Suspensions Due To Unpaid Fees, Fines

More than one in 10 Florida drivers has a suspended license. Most of those drivers have had their  privileges suspended, not because of dangerous driving, but because of unpaid fines or fees.

State Representative Byron Donalds (D-80th District) discussed the legislative push to help people with suspended drivers’ licenses for unpaid fees to get their licenses reinstated.