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What The Abled World Can Learn From An Inclusive Dance Studio


Chance 2 Dance offers inclusive dance lessons for young people with disabilities. We’ll hear from studio founder Nicole Warren, and Dr. Sarah Parsloe, who’s teaching a course on disability and social change at Rollins College. 

Warren established the non-profit in 2016.

"It was a really fine tuned niche that nobody had gotten into," she tells 90.7's Danielle Prieur.

"We went from four children with autism, in a pilot study at one of our partner locations, and then in three months we went from four to hundreds. And because of that, we've been so blessed and fortunate that we've been able to, in the last year, create Florida's first sensory friendly studio."

Dr. Parsloe says her course is designed to help students understand "what is 'ableism'."

"That's a kind of discrimination that people with discrimination often face, but it's not often discussed when we talk about things like diversity and inclusion."

She says the Chance2Dance studio shows students "what a space that's designed to include students with disabilities might look like."

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