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TSA Responds To Toxic Workplace Allegations

Photo: Isaac Babcock / WMFE
Photo: Isaac Babcock / WMFE

As the series TSA in Turmoil went to air this week, the administration granted us an interview with acting Deputy Administrator Patty Cogswell. 

She talked to 90.7’s Abe Aboraya and Danielle Prieur about what TSA is doing to address allegations of workplace bullying and harassment. 

"I would say that any time we have a situation where an employee feels this lost, that they feel that they have no other choice but to take their life, we have all failed as a society," says Cogswell.

"I think this is something devastating on a day to day basis, that hurts his family, that hurts his airport family, that hurts us as an agency. I can't express enough my sadness that this happened."

Listen to the conversation by clicking on the player above.