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"Tell My Managers I'll Be Waiting For Them In Hell."

TSA in Turmoil Investigative story series illustration

On February 2, 2019, Transportation Security Officer Robert Henry jumped to his death from the tenth floor of the Hyatt Regency Hotel inside Orlando International Airport.

The last line of his suicide note: “Tell my managers I will be waiting for them in Hell. Especially the ones who feel this was necessary.”

An investigation by WMFE has found a pattern of abuse and retaliation at Orlando International Airport and across TSA.

Multiple TSA agents said Robert Henry was bullied at work, but an official investigation by TSA has not yet been released.

Robert Henry was trying to leave Orlando International Airport and move back near his family, but couldn't transfer because he had been written up. His death has brought out years of allegations of retaliation by airport workers under former Federal Security Director Jerry Henderson. Two officers responding to a WMFE survey have been hospitalized for suicide attempts or ideation. Both said TSA was a major contributing factor.

Henderson has been temporarily replaced while TSA investigates Henry's death. TSA officials declined multiple interview requests from WMFE.

TSA released a statement that says any incidents of bullying or workplace issues "have been promptly investigated" and that the agency"has continued to actively investigate personnel concerns raised by our workforce. TSA places a high priority on addressing any workplace and personnel concerns when they are raised."

But Robert Henry’s family still has questions about what happened that morning.
To read and listen to the full series on the WMFE In-Depth site, please click on the link. 


Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.