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City of Orlando Commissioners Want To Lower Bicycle-related Injuries And Deaths

Stock Photo Bike HelmetFrom Pixabay, No credit needed

City of Orlando commissioners want to reduce the amount of bike-related injuries for elementary school-aged children.

Commissioners Tony Ortiz and Jim Gray are partnering with the Helmets Save Lives organization to provide new bike helmets, backpacks and bike safety information to about 400 kids.

The state of Florida currently leads the country in bicycle-related injuries and deaths.

Commissioner Ortiz said the city wants to change that. 

“We educate internally in our schools kids about traffic. Law enforcement is really involved also with this. We’re trying to attack every angle we can.”

Commissioner Ortiz added that these kinds of safety campaigns can help reduce bike injuries.

“One of those is creating a conscience about how important it is to be safe out there, especially our kids. About how parents need to be involved with our kids in every aspect of their growing process.”

The National Highway and Safety Administration says head injuries are reduced by at least 45% with the proper use of a helmet.

The next event is on July 23 at 9 a.m. at the Dover Shores Neighborhood Center.