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Two-Day Active Shooter Training For Staff, Law Enforcement Begins at Orange County Public Schools


Orange County Public Schools started two days of active shooter training today. 

This included an hour-long simulation of a shooting.

An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy pretended to be an active shooter at a simulation at Windermere High School. 

Actors playing students fell to the ground as if they were injured, others ran and hid. 

And principals participating in the drill called for a lock-down.

OCPS Police Commander Randy Durkee says he wanted the drill to be as realistic as possible

“You don’t want reality to be the first time you experience it. If you can simulate it in training and have that inoculation of it initially. You have an understanding of what’s going to happen and how law enforcement is going to respond. How medical is going to respond.”


Orange County Sheriff Corporal Rose Silva says the simulation wasn't just about testing out these active shooter procedures.

“We’re always looking to improve so we can have a better response and be able to respond in the best way we can in any situation and specifically here for our children. That’s our top priority to be able to protect them.”


Under the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act, public K-12 schools in Florida are required to hold frequent active shooter drills. 

These drills must be led by law enforcement and involve faculty, staff, students, and safety officers at a school. 

Tomorrow the group will gather at Ocoee High School to practice how they’d respond after a shooting-from reuniting students with their families to offering them counseling and other support. 
If you'd like to listen to the full story, please click on the clip above. 

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.