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Intersection: Remembering Mankind’s First Moon Mission

"Earthrise" taken by the crew of Apollo 8, 1968. Photo: NASA
"Earthrise" taken by the crew of Apollo 8, 1968. Photo: NASA

Fifty years ago today, on December 21st 1968,  the Apollo 8 mission launched from Cape Canaveral. The crew would be the first to orbit the moon and take what is called one of the most influential environmental photographs. The crest of the blue and green planet rose before the eyes of astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders.

Anders snapped a photo where the Earth appeared to hang over the moon.

Retired astronaut Nicole Stott spoke with 90.7’s space reporter Brendan Byrne about the importance of the iconic “Earth Rise” photo.

“Absolutely the clearest way to understand who and where we are in this universe. And we feel like we need to celebrate that,” said Stott.

Stott launches a new program called Constellation at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex tonight. The program aims to inspire others to view the planet from a different perspective.

Click above to listen to the conversation.