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Update: Powerful Storm Sweeps Across Florida


A powerful storm is moving through the state today. With it, flooding rains are possible across the panhandle and northern Florida. Severe weather, including the risk of tornadoes, is the concern in central and south Florida.

Then, late tonight and tomorrow, gale conditions are expected along all coastlines both on the Gulf and Atlantic side. Meteorologist Jeff Huffman explains why this front is so different than the others we've had this month.

“The pressure changes with the storm system will be intense, and take place rapidly," says Huffman.

"Some areas could even record all-time lowest readings on the Barometer for December. This is why the winds will be so strong, possibly with the thunderstorms today and then behind the front tomorrow.”

Huffman says the wind damage and tornado risk is highest in Central Florida today between 10 am and 3 pm. Gale Warnings have been issued along the coast, where wind gusts up to 40 mph and seas building to 5 to 7 feet will be possible through Friday.