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“They Need this Money”: Florida Firefighter and his Wife Fight for Change in Legislation

Jay Post's throat cancer diagnosis changed his life. Now that he's recovering, he wants to make sure other firefighters get the insurance and benefits they need. Photo: Danielle Prieur

When asked if he regrets being a firefighter, Jay Post’s answer is almost automatic.

But before Post can respond, he holds an electronic larynyx to his neck. He’s used the small device to speak ever since his voice box was removed during his total laryngectomy.

“It’s a great job. It’s a great brotherhood. I’ve been out of it for eight or nine years now. But I’m still in the brotherhood. You’re in the brotherhood and sisterhood until the day you die.”

Post almost died from complications of the surgery to treat the throat cancer he says he got on the job.

If you’d like to listen to the full story, please click on the link above. You’re also welcome to join us at  a symposium on the subject at Valencia College on Thursday from 5–7 PM.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.