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Officials Warn Against Petting or Feeding Wild or Stray Animals: Raccoon Tests Positive for Rabies in Brevard

Anyone bitten by a wild or stray animal should be treated with antibodies and vaccines. Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

A person in Brevard County came in contact with a rabid raccoon this month. Three raccoons and a bat in Brevard County have tested positive for rabies this summer. Brevard County Department of Health’s Helen Medlin recommends residents avoid petting or feeding stray or wild animals.

“I would just advise people not to feed wild animals particularly raccoons. They get used to being fed and oftentimes the raccoon bites we do experience are from the ones that are used to being fed.”

Medlin says anyone whose been bitten or scratched by an animal, especially a raccoon or bat, should see a doctor so that they can receive treatment including antibodies and vaccines against the disease.

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Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.