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Orlando City Takes Action To Try To Stop Trash Throwing On Field


Don’t’ disrespect the field. That’s the word from Orlando City Soccer Club to fans who threw trash on the field during the last home game against Atlanta. Orlando City CEO Alex Leitão said he takes responsibility since this isn’t the first time this has happened but it’s not going to happen anymore.

“I was very, very sad to say the minimum to see our stadium turning into a trash can from our own fans,” said Leitão.

The club suspended 38 fans from games starting at one year up to two years depending on their involvement.

Four new policies are going into effect. If a fan throws an object on the field, a PA announcer will caution fans on ramifications of such behavior. Players are going to make a code of conduct video for fans. The stadium is going to transition to an “all-pour venue.” That means every drink will be poured into a cup without a lid. No beer bottles or cans will be sold within the stadium.

Lastly, the club is going to add more cameras to get a 360 view inside the stadium. The club said the last two policies will take some time to implement.