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Spotlight: Kidsfest, Disney Slideshow and Doughnuts

Image: Pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix, instagram.com
Image: Pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix, instagram.com

Audubon Park Garden District turns into a daylong mini kid’s campus with kid’s yoga class cupcake painting, pirate and princess party, kid DJ class, sandwich classes, basketball classes with the Orlando Magic, arts and crafts with the Orlando Fringe and more! The event is called Kidsfest Saturday 12-4 in the Audubon Park Garden District.

Pop culture humorist Charles Phoenix and his trademark enthusiasm, quick wit, and keen eye for oddball detail will pull from his vast collection of authentic vintage slides to tell the amazing back-stories and glories of a visit to mid-century Disneyland during the Charles Phoenix Retro Disneyland Slide Show. In a rare Florida performance, Phoenix takes the audience on a ride through  legendary long-gone attractions such as The House of the Future, Skyway, Skull Rock, Rainbow Caverns, Flying Saucers, and The Carousel of Progress, all populated with guests dressed in fabulous 50’s and 60’s fashions… in glorious Kodachrome color. The fun takes place Saturday at two times, 11am and 2pm at the Grand Floridian Hotel. Parking is not free and neither is the performance. Also Saturday is Dapper Day. Annual pass holders should attend if they can to see all the folks dressed like its 1955!

A local donut maker, Orlandough, has been doing a lot of research to bring a collection of unusual and experimental donut creations during the Orlandough Pop-Up Sunday at 9:30 at New General in Winter Park.