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Florida House Bill Regulates Pregnancy Support Services


Florida lawmakers are hoping to regulate the state’s pregnancy crisis centers. But, opponents of a bill say they feel it could result in fewer clinics that give women a choice.

The measure includes a provision that directs the Florida Department of Health to contract only with providers who promote childbirth and support childbirth. Those that counsel women about abortions and birth control could be precluded from receiving state funds.

Tampa Republican Rep. Jackie Toledo sponsored the House bill.

“Being pregnant is a difficult time in life, and it’s emotional and it’s exhausting,” said Toledo. “And, this bill gives women the support that they need. This is a measure that gives women more access to care, not less. This is a choice bill.”

Toledo’s bill only had one hearing in the House, and is now headed to the floor. Meanwhile, its Senate companion has passed one of three committees.