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Spotlight : Art In Odd Places Returns To Orlando

Sarah Viviana Valdez_Flexible Self Inside the Screen
Sarah Viviana Valdez_Flexible Self Inside the Screen

A global festival is bringing ‘Art In Odd Places’ to Orange Avenue this weekend. This is the third year this festival brings visual and performance art to unexpected places in downtown Orlando. The theme this year is: Noise.

Barbara Hartley, executive director of the Downtown Arts District, says there are 34 projects total.

"Their idea was to get a sense of the sound of Orlando, and also to look at noise in different meanings, so not your typical making noise but interpretations, things that might come to mind from childhood like a sound might remind you of something you know, white noise, silence," said Hartley.

The event takes place along Orange Avenue between Wall Street and South Street.

Hear more from Hartley about the event by clicking on the audio player above.