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Intersection: Hurricane Recovery Check In; Puerto Rico Radio; Thomas McClary

The impact of Hurricane Irma was felt all over Florida, but while the storm meant a few days without power for some residents, for many others, the effects were much worse. The storm damaged homes and disrupted jobs, and power outages meant spoiled food, stretching the resources of people already on a limited budget.

On this episode of Intersection we check on the recovery from Hurricane Irma, nearly two months on. with Seminole County emergency manager Alan Harris, Karen Knapik from the Small Business Administration and FEMA's Peter Sessum. 

Then- the long road to recovery for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Hear how public media on the mainland United States stepped up to help get stations back on the air in Puerto Rico. 90.7's president and General Manager LaFontaine Oliver and host and reporter Crystal Chavez reflect on their recent visit to Puerto Rico. 

And Thomas McClary, founder of the Commodores, reflects on his life with the group, writing music with Lionel Ritchie and his upbringing in Eustis, FL during the 1960s.