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Intersection: BABY!

Kaley Honeycutt. Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE
Kaley Honeycutt. Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE

Kaley Honeycutt, who has a solo music project under the name BABY!, joined Intersection to perform and talk about her debut album, Sunny Florida.

Honeycutt said she decided on the name "BABY!" because she was the youngest of four brothers.

"I cried a lot growing up it was very emotional and they liked to pick on me and I turned to song writing to kind of express myself so its kind of fitting," Honeycutt said.

Honeycutt said her song If I'm Sorry is featured on a Pulse benefit album, which she says was really important to her.

"I was really happy that we all banded together and tried to do a couple things whatever we could to raise some money," she said.

Honeycutt will be playing on Sunday, October 22nd at Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall.