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Spotlight: Responsible Dog Ownership, Poetry, Cooking and Film

Image: Primer, imdb.com
Image: Primer, imdb.com

A free presentation called “Responsible Dog Ownership” will educate first-time dog owners about the basics of dog ownership and will help current owners enhance their relationships with their pets. This event is for pet owners but pets may not attend. The Responsible Dog Ownership presentation takes place Saturday at 11 at the downtown branch of the Orlando Public Library.

Two intellectual engineers accidentally build a time machine in a film called “Primer.” The film is being shown this weekend preceded by a presentation about the science behind the movie from physics professor Dr. Joshua Colwell. The movie and presentation takes place Saturday at 11 at Enzian Theatre.

A poetry competition with 16 poets and one champion is taking place Saturday at 8 at Henao Contemporary Center.

Chef Adam Graham is teaching a class showing how to make raw vegan soups Sunday at 5:30 at Juiced in Thornton Park.

Oliver Stone’s gripping morality tale about the American dream gone wrong, Wall Street, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. See a screening of it Sunday at 2 and 7 at theatres across Orlando. For locations visit fathomevents.com.