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Intersection: Patricia Charpentier Helps People Write Their Life Story

Patricia Charpentier. Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE
Patricia Charpentier. Photo: Matthew Peddie WMFE

How do you write a memoir if you’re losing your memory? Patricia Charpentier helps people write their life stories, and many of her clients suffer from alzheimer’s. She said it’s challenging, rewarding work, and sometimes a race against time.

Charpentier has been ghostwriting peoples stories for 20 years. Her clients range in age from an 11 year old to a 104 year old. 

Charpentier said she tries to write stories as soon as possible for people with alzheimer's or memory loss.

"I really want them to have the ability to see their book, and see their words in writing," she said.

To trigger memories to write the stories Charpentier said she uses photos, music, and even foods from their childhood.

"The telling of the story is something that just means so much to them just to be listened to and for someone to be interested in their stories," she said.