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Florida Elections Supervisors Urge Voters To Stay Registered

Photo: via Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office
Photo: via Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office

Central Florida supervisors of elections are getting calls from voters who want to cancel their registrations. The calls follow a request for information from a White House commission set up to investigate voter fraud.

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis has heard from about 100 concerned voters.

She tells them their Social Security numbers and who they voted for won’t be shared, and she reminds them their names, addresses and party affiliations are already publicly available.

“That calms them down a little bit," said Lewis.

"However we’ve had four, five, I had a fifth one today that cancelled their registration because they do not want that information out there,” she said.

In neighboring Seminole County, Supervisor of Elections Michael Ertel said he’s spent the last few days on the phone convincing voters to remain registered to vote.

Secretary of State Ken Detzner said Florida will only provide information to the White House commission that’s publicly available, but not social security numbers or driver’s license information.