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Activists Across Florida Urge Rubio To Reject Healthcare Bill


Activists statewide are urging U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio to reject a controversial healthcare overhaul approved earlier this month by the House. They showed up at the Republican’s offices throughout the state.

At Rubio’s office in the Florida capitol, a small knot of protesters gathered to share their Obamacare stories. Florida State University graduate student Haley Gentile believes requirements in the Affordable Care Act have kept her fully covered.

“In sum the affordable care act has ensured I’ve had access to healthcare when I needed it the most. No other person should be denied the chance to achieve their goals as I have,” said Gentile. “The AHCA’s pick and choose, repeal and replace approach undermines the principles and commitments that motivated the initial passage of the ACA.”

She worries the House GOP-backed American Healthcare Act will allow insurers to skimp on coverage, or price her out of her current plan.

The measure carries waiver provisions that could allow states to opt out of basic benefit and pricing mandates.