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Solar Co-Op Launches In Seminole County

Solar panels. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE
Solar panels. Photo: Matthew Peddie, WMFE

Seminole County residents who want to put solar panels on their roof now have the option of joining a co-op.

The Seminole County Solar Co-op is part of Florida Solar United Neighborhoods, and launches today.

Sharon Lynn, solar chair for the League of Women Voters of Seminole County, one of the partners for the co-op, said there's been a "tremendous reaction" to solar co-ops throughout the state.

“It’s a grassroots movement to make Florida number one in solar," said Lynn.

"Because right now, considering where we are, we are lagging behind much of the rest of the country in the use of solar.” 

Lynn said co-op members can purchase in bulk which means a discount of around 20% on the cost of installation of solar panels.

“It’s been done of course in Orange County, they launched recently in Alachua, they have one in Sarasota, they’re getting ready to launch in Miami-Dade, they have one in Broward," said Lynn.

"So we’re at a point now that it’s less difficult than it was for the initial co-ops.”

The Seminole County Solar Co-op will hold an information session in June.