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Spotlight: 'Mr Ms Adrien' Talks Pulse, Identity And Fearlessness

Photo courtesy of Adrian Padron's Facebook Page.
Photo courtesy of Adrian Padron's Facebook Page.

Adrian Padron, also known as 'Mr Ms Adrien,' doesn't care about pronouns. He's been performing since he was seven years old and currently hosts and entertains at Southern Nights Orlando. Before that, she worked at Pulse Nightclub.

Pulse is where Padron got his start at a memorable talent show as a teen. He said he felt so welcome and safe.

"It was my beginning and it will always be my beginning...it was like that feeling of a family reunion but we got to feel that biweekly," said Padron.

Padron said he doesn't want to be put in a box and that's what the "Mr Ms" thing is all about.

"I'm not black or white, I'm black and white, I'm not this or that, I'm this and that, I'm not Republican or Democrat," said Padron.

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Photo courtesy of Adrian Padron's Facebook page.[/caption]

His family worried about him continuing to work in a gay bar post-Pulse, but Padron will not be deterred.

"You can't be scared, you can't, that's the bottom line you can't," said Padron.

Listen to her Spotlight interview with 90.7's Crystal Chavez by clicking on the audio player above.