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Postcards, Science, Highland Games and Cosplay Tribute

Image: Previous Scottish Highland Games , flascot.com
Image: Previous Scottish Highland Games , flascot.com

If you’re old or just old at heart, enjoy perusing tables and more tables covered in cool vintage postcards and paper ephemera at The Orlando Paper and Postcard Expo at the Central Florida Fairgrounds Saturday 10 to 5.

An exhibition of technology designed to ignite interest in STEM education is happening this weekend at Otronicon Saturday and Sunday at the Orlando Science Center. Tickets are neither cheap nor free but hey neither are skateboards.

An annual celebration of Scottish heritage with games, food, vendors, music and plenty of beer is taking place at the Scottish Highland Games at Central Winds Park Saturday 8 to 8 and Sunday 9 to 5. Go to FLASCOT.com for details.

The annual tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is taking place at the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Parade. Be sure to stick around and enjoy the after-parade festivities at Lake Eola Park Saturday at 10.

And finally, an unofficial cosplay meetup at which guests can dress up as their favorite version of Debbie Reynolds or Carrie Fisher is coming up Saturday at Disney Hollywood Studios. After you enjoy the park in your cos, you can end the day at 6:30 in the courtyard with a lightsaber vigil. The cosplay takes place at Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday at 9am.