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Spotlight: Christmas At Chan's

Photo: Scott Joseph
Photo: Scott Joseph

With Christmas almost here, I know that a lot of people have visions of one thing dancing in their heads. That’s right, Chinese food.

It’s a thing, apparently, especially in big cities, and especially for people who may not observe Christmas. While many restaurants are closed on December 25, Chinese restaurants are more likely to be open. So people looking for a place to dine on that day just naturally gravitate to Chinese restaurants. I know many people who consider it their Christmas tradition.

You’ll find several Orlando Chinese restaurants that will be open, including Chan’s Chinese Cuisine on Colonial Drive in Orlando, which I had the pleasure of revisiting recently.

I was in a party of seven, so we were seated at one of the large round tables with a lazy susan in the center. The turntable was soon filled with myriad dishes and we kept it whirling as we sampled a little bit of everything and returned for a lot more of our favorites.

Peking Duck, served with bao buns, was one of my favorites. But I also liked the Pepper Beef and the Salt and Pepper Shrimp and Scallops, so beautifully fried.

There was also an elaborate presentation of Sauteed Lobster, wokked with vegetables. And Egg drop Soup, and pan-fried noodles, and chicken with peanuts and, and, and. Such a feast.

Plus a mango custard to finish.

All served by Chan’s staff, who are always gracious.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas Day Chinese feast, I’m happy to recommend Chan’s.