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Intersection: Simulation Businesses See Bright Future Under Trump Administration


The military simulation industry has big presence in Orlando, and it’s banking on President Elect Trump funneling more money this way once he takes office. We visit the floor of I/ITSEC- a tradeshow for military simulation- and peek into the future of this industry in Central Florida.

A lot of the training that US military personnel do before they are deployed is now virtual. And with president elect Donald Trump pledging to rebuild the military, Orlando’s simulation businesses see an opportunity for more contracts and growth.

One the floor of the I/ITSEC conference you’ll see people clad in fatigues from all parts of the world strapping on visors and zipping through the digital skies on the latest fighter plane simulator, or testing their reflexes in virtual shooter simulations.

We speak to retired Lieutenant General Tom Baptiste who heads the National Center for Simulation in Orlando, and former US Air Force B52 pilot Jim Jardon, the CEO of Orlando based simulation company JHT.