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Spotlight: Orlando Ballet Opens Season With New Leadership And A New Take On Dracula

Photo from Orlando Ballet's Facebook page
Photo from Orlando Ballet's Facebook page

When the curtain rises Friday night for the Orlando Ballet’s season-opening production of “Dracula,” it will also herald an era of new leadership for the storied arts organization.

Caroline Miller moved to Orlando from London just eight weeks ago to take over as executive director. She said "Dracula" is a sexy, sweeping, sumptuous production that will have up to 66 dancers on stage.

"'Dracula' really is the ballet to go to, even if you've never been to see a ballet before...it's a bit like a silent movie," said Miller.

Miller said Dracula as portrayed in this story is a misunderstood character driven by his urge to feed on blood, but maybe - just maybe - he's not all bad at heart. The audience will go on a journey as performers grapple with good and evil.

Hear more about Miller, "Dracula," and what's in store for the rest of the Orlando Ballet's season in the Spotlight interview above.