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Dog Circus, Bacon Race And Disney Photo Group

Image: The Menestrelli Dog Circus,  artegonmarketplace.com
Image: The Menestrelli Dog Circus, artegonmarketplace.com

The Menestrelli Dog Circus is coming to Orlando to perform at Artegon Mall. Where else you expect to find this? The dogs climb stairs, perform somersaults, and other uniquely designed family tricks. The dogs are “more than happy” to show their talents in the performance. The show is Saturday at 4 at Artegon Mall.

A bacon themed 5k run/walk called the Great American Bacon Race is happening this Saturday! All along the run/walk people will be stationed to hand you bacon. After the run/walk, join the Bacon Bash after-party with more people handing you bacon. But don’t throw up yet! When you walk back to your car, there’ll be a bacon bouquet that you’re required to eat before leaving! This 2013-food trend themed event is Saturday at 9 at in Bill Fredrick Park at Turkey Lake.

Sunday at 4 the Institute of Disney Photography Facebook group is having a meetup in the Magic Kingdom Sunday at 8 in the evening. Go meet, greet, and shoot photos with friends from the group. A Facebook live feed will run on the group page for those that can't make it. For details search Facebook for Institute of Disney Photography.