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Overcoming Election Season Fatigue

Photo: Erik Hersman, Flickr.
Photo: Erik Hersman, Flickr.

Let’s start by acknowledging that we’re all a little tired from election 2016.

Maybe it was the never-ending scandals, or the frustration with the two-party system or the taco bowl tweet that pushed you over the edge.  Whatever it was, we need you back, not only three months from now on Nov. 4, but also three weeks from now for the Florida primaries on Aug. 30.

From the U.S. Senate race to the campaigns for Orange County Commission, these races should remind voters real change happens from bottom in local races. Electing an Orange County judge might seem like an insignificant act, but judges preside over hundreds of civil and criminal cases a year and influence the local criminal justice system. Or look at the Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District seats. It sounds like a pretty boring position until you learn they’re responsible for helping with conservation programs and protecting natural resources across the state. People on this board are more important than ever as the beaches along the Treasure Coast turn into what the Miami Herald called “Playa Guacamole” from the blue-green algae choking the shore.

Remember, Florida is a closed primary state, and if you didn't register before Aug. 1, it's no use yelling at the poll workers that Marco Rubio or Patrick Murphy really need your vote. You can cast your vote though in non-partisan races and on the ballot Amendment 4, which provides a tax exemption that makes it less expensive to go solar. In short, remember President Obama's quip from the Democratic National Convention: “Don’t boo. Vote.”