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Gov. Scott Spoke At Scene Of Fort Myers Nightclub Shooting


Governor Rick Scott spoke outside the Fort Myers nightclub where a mass shooting took place early Monday morning.

The club had been hosting an event for teenagers, and it was wrapping up at about 12:30am when shots rang out. Two teens were killed and 18 people were injured.

The shooting comes more than a month after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Governor Scott told reporters Monday afternoon this is a time to mourn for the families of the victims.

“Any family never wakes up expecting to lose loved ones, especially young individuals like this,” he said. “Nobody expects somebody to be injured going to an event where it was supposed to be teenagers having a good time.”

Scott says those involved in the shooting will be held accountable.

The Republican governor also voiced his support for gun rights, saying the second amendment never shot anyone.

The state has offered to help pay for funeral expenses and medical injuries.

Fort Myers Police officials are not saying what the motive might have been, but they have said the shooting was not a terrorist act.

Three people were in custody Monday.