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Universal Orlando Has Zero "Blockout" Days Through Mid-August

Photo:Universal Orlando Resort
Photo:Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando eliminated “blockout dates" for the rest of the summer. Those are designed to limit crowds by blocking people with less expensive passes on the busiest days.

The lifting of blockout days may seem counterintuitive as Universal just debuted its new Reign of Kong attraction.

ThrillGeek theme park blogger Clint Gamache said he thinks Universal lifted blockout days because attendance is down.

“As earning reports come out later you’re going to see it, that this summer was kind of, not a dud, the parks have been busy but they haven’t been summer busy," said Gamache.

Gamache says some factors that may be affecting attendance: higher prices at the gate and Brazil’s shrinking economy.

In an email, Universal said it lifted the July 21-August 15 blockout dates for Florida resident tickets and Power Pass holders because it wanted to give as many Floridians as possible the ability to join in on the fun.